Dark Raid Weapon Designs

May 22, 2014


We have variety of weapons, for every situation.We designed all of our weapons for maximum game experiance and realism. With serious development and research weapon classes started to shape.

We have 7 types of weapons and each of the designed for specific purposes.


1- Standart Issue Side-arm
2- Close Combat Tactical Shotgun
3- General Purpose Assault Weapon
4- Automatic Gatling Weapon
5- Railgun
6- TGL Multi Launcher
7- Missle Launcher
Each of this has its very own capibilities.We made them as realistic as possible.

-Standart Issue Side-arm


This weapon designed as assistance and backup weapon of a soldier. Recharable battery allows you to fire 20 rounds for single battery when the battery goes down it recharges itself and reload the gun. Shoots mini plasma projectiles and comes with only single fire mode.


-Close Combat Tactical Shotgun
With its extended clip size and power, Tactical Shotgun is great for, close quarters battles.
Which is firing with pump action.Also has fast reloading time with its extended magazine.
-General Purpose Assault Weapon
With less weight , the Carbine rifle ensures perfect combat efficiency. Whether moving town to town or room to room. Easy to change magazines various rounds and perfect accuracy.
- Automatic Gatling Weapon
With its six barrels and ultimate speed this one is a monster.100 Rd. magazine capacity and firing speed its a great support weapon.
- Railgun
The perfect weapon for agile marksmans, its firing high speed plasma projectiles and it can hit the target even its to far.With its enhanced digital IR scope, no one can hide from the marksman.
-TGL Multi Launcher
Shoots 40 MM multi type granades.With its 6 round capibility its very effective in close ranges.
-Missle Launcher
Shoots 40 mm rocket propelled explosive and heat tracking missiles.