Swan The Space Cruiser

May 22, 2014


Swan The Space Cruiser

We're a small team and we'd like use our time in the most effective way.Because of this condition, we have to design our main environment ( Swan) cleverly.Than we think of what we'll need for a proper game enviroment and a spaceship.For a corridoor shooter game, we have to think smart and arrange every asset in the game for this smart order.

First of all we seperated the ship to three main parts.

First Environment : Only Humans Hi-Tech machines and control rooms.

Second: Humans and Droids kind of a gradient enviroment

Third: Only Droids Hazardous environments

First Section is completely used by humans thoose are control mechanisms of the ship, communication and radio operation rooms, computer to name but a few the hi-tech stuff.

Second environment was created as a storage and maintanance in this sections humans and dorids are working together.

Third section: Droids only, theese parts of the ship is dangerous for humans to work.This parts includes motors,reactors stuff you dont want to see.And its dirtier than the other floors.

With these determitions, we started to sketch some silhouettes.So we decided which one to develope.After choosing the proper one for our needs, we started do some concepts and detail works about the ship.

And than we seperated the ship to few sections known as decks for our purpose and game flow.

And than some touches and the overall ship has done.