Character Design

May 14, 2014


Today we like to talk about our character designs,

Months of refinement and team work lead to this.Our designs represent the boundries between reality and sci-fi.

First thing is first, our design concept. The concept includes todays and futures military basics.We decided to our characters originate the military notions like marines,army,navy etc.

In order to give that look of realism we made some easy definitions like classes of the characters.After that characters general look and features lead the way.

Subject 1 - Antagonists,

Determination of the classes,

Marine Droids : Every Marine must be able to deliver accurate fire on targets at 200, 300 and 500 meters, but accuracy at shorter distances is just as important. Designed for rough conditions.Their survival abilty is high.They provide protection for open space threats.Recons for search and destroy missions.They using the navy's mobility and weapons.Hard to destroy.

The design inculedes hi-tech camouflage and armor.

Scout Droids: Designed for infiltration and recon missions. With their hi-tech camouflages, they're hard to spot. Also they have larger sensors according to any other models.With these sensors nothing can escape from them. In the other hand they are effective marksmans, they can infiltrate any position witout being seen and exterminate their targets.Hard to spot, not much hard to destroy.

Destroyers: They are the heavy tanks of the game. Very hard to destroy. With their large bodies they can handle any heavy weapons such as gatling guns and missile launchers.May be they're slow but indeed they are effective.

Maintainance Droids: Design for general purposes for any cruiser in navy.They are the corner stones of every other ship. They have a bit older design but they do their job perfectly.

As you can see at the top,

We gave every character a determition.With the determition, the design process became so much easier.With the every aspect of each character, designs completed their looks.

Main character of the game, he's tough and one of a kind. We decided to make look much bigger and stronger. And he has iconic design elements like his face.

He has multiple layers of armor over the synthetic muscle surrounding his body.This makes him much more strong and agile.

Because he's is the main chracter and face of the game, we decided to make him more heroic.

And from the other sketches that made for Muddy, the well known face of Muddy came out and we developed the overall look with theese sketches.After the overall look is done, we concentrated on his details. With the final details and artworks, Muddy has done!